Disney Princess Royal Bathroom Set Review

I’m back for my second review, this time of the Disney Princess Royal Bathroom Set.

I had been wanting some doll furniture for a photography shoot I have been planning, but I soon came to realize that I owned none. Not even a measly plastic doll fork. So, I went on a search to all of the flea markets, super markets, thrift stores, etc. in look for cheap doll furniture. I kept getting more and more frustrated as I went on. Stores either had really expensive doll furniture, (Monster High was $25.00 a set. Ouch.) boxes full of pieces of various broken furniture, or they sold no furniture at all. I even tried looking online, but when I added up all of the shipping cost it would have totaled up to the same price as the more expensive doll furniture sets. Maybe I’m just super cheap, but I just don’t feel that miniature plastic furniture should cost that much.

I was at Toys R Us one day with my sister when I came across the Disney Princess furniture sets. I was so excited when I saw that they ran for around $14.00 per set, the cheapest price I had come across yet. I ended up purchasing the Royal Bathroom set. Here is the packaging it came in:





A pro I noticed right away was the fact that the packaging was super easy to open! Children’s toys always seen to be stapled, pinned, tied and glued inside extremely thick plastic that is even hard to cut open when sharp scissors. This packaging was easy to open with just my hands.

Everything is also preassembled, yay!

The plastic strips that held the smaller items were also really easy to tear apart.

The plastic strips that held the smaller items in were also really easy to tear apart.

It includes eight items in all. A bathtub, toilet, soap bar, bath tray, body scrubbing brush, body pouf, perfume bottle and a bottle of… something (Maybe it’s supposed to be liquid soap? I really can’t tell.). And no, the bottles do not open nor do they have anything in them. Here is the furniture all laid out:

The items also have really cute designs and details on them.


In the store the Disney Princess dolls looked smaller than my 10.5 inch Monster High dolls, so I was afraid they wouldn’t be a fit. But they fit just fine!

Some parts of the furniture are removable, as shown below, and they can come apart into really small pieces. If you have a child who just likes to stick things in their mouth, be aware of this.

This furniture line, as far as I can tell, is not any higher or lower quality than any other run-of-the-mill doll furniture you might find. It is made out of cheap, shiny plastic, but so are all of the doll furniture sets you will find in stores.

This line of furniture has what I would call the basics. They included all of the furniture you need but nothing more. You won’t find a variety of accessories in this line. If you look on the bright side, this does mean that you can have a very customizable lot of furniture if you want. You can easily buy singles of other furniture and extras you might like from different brands, flea markets or even make your own to add to your furniture sets. But, of course, this is up to you. If you are fine with just the furniture that comes with the Disney Princess sets then you can still have quite the nice collection of furniture for a reasonable price.

Overall, I am quite happy with this purchase. I could find no large flaws with these products and they come at quite the affordable price. Will I buy more of these products? Absolutely!

Do any of you own any of these furniture sets? What do you think about them?