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Haunted Dolls: Robert

Today’s haunted doll is… Robert.


Robert .

Fun facts about Robert:
1.Chucky was inspired by Robert.
2.People claim that your camera will break if you take a photo of Robert without his permission. He gives this permission by slightly tilting his head when you ask.
3.What makes Robert’s story so unique compared to other haunted dolls is that fact that so many people had, and still continue to have, experiences with Robert.
4.The staff says that they keep peppermints nearby to bribe Robert if he gets out of control.
5. Robert’s hair is slowly going gray and falling out, something a psychic medium said was caused by the soul of the doll dying.

Creep Robert

Robert, also known as Keys West’s living doll, is one of the most famous haunted dolls around.
The story of this doll starts off in the home of a young boy called Gene and his wealthy parents.The three foot doll was created and given to Gene by a servant girl who worked in the house. After this servant girl was fired by Gene’s parents it was rumored that she put a curse on the doll as a way of revenge. Gene named the doll Robert, after himself, and from that point they were inseparable.

Many claims of activity by both servants, neighbors and Gene followed within the next multitude of years. These claims included Robert changing facial expressions, Servants swearing that Robert could talk and giggle, and Robert being able to completely switch rooms on his own. Another claim is that Neighbors would see Robert move his head or even just suddenly appear and stare them down. Gene’s parents often awoke to Gene screaming as the sounds of heavy furniture being thrown filled the house. Whenever anyone rushed to see what was happening, they would find Gene shaking in his bed and sobbing “It was Robert! Robert did it!”

Gene Otto

Gene Otto

Gene, who later became a painter and author, kept the doll throughout his entire life. Gene was extremely obsessed with Robert and he even gave the doll his own room. Gene’s wife, Anne, said that Gene would experience violent mood swings and act like a completely different person until he would suddenly just snap back to his old self and say “It was Robert! Robert did it!”. The claims of Gene and Robert having conversations, people seeing the doll move by itself and creepy encounters with Robert continued all the way to the death of Gene in 1974( Who, I might add, died with Robert by his side). After Gene’s death Anne quickly fled the house, leaving Robert behind. Robert was then found by another family who, after only a few encounter with this creepy doll, decided they wanted nothing to do with it. Robert was later moved to a display at Fort East Martello Museum where you can still visit him today.


What do you think about Robert’s story? Do you believe it? Or do you agree with the claims that suspect Gene might of had a mental illness? What do you think about the bond between Robert and Gene that lasted all the way to Gene’s death? Let me know in the comments below!